Foie-ck A Duck


Foie-ck A Duck Burger


This summer sexpot has all it’s duck’s in a row: Sous vide duck breast, encrusted in a smattering of peppercorns, smothered in a foie gras cognac cream sauce, and feathered with freshly sliced summer truffle. In other words… this burger is straight up quack cocaine.

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Phillips Collection Showroom Walkthrough | High Point Market | Spring 2014


Phillips Collection Showroom Walkthrough | High Point Market | Spring 2014

Take a look at this fun walkthrough we put together with the help of google maps. An interactive way to move throughout our space and see all the products. Hope you like what you see!

Click here for our showroom walkthrough

ASFD Pinnacle Award


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This week I had the distinct privilege to serve as a Pinnacle Award judge for the American Society of Furniture Designers.  It was such an honor to be in the company of the furniture industries leaders.

photo (138)For those of you unfamiliar with the Pinnacle Award, their website has the following statement:  “The Pinnacle Awards were created in April 1995 by the ASFD board of directors to promote design quality and encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry.The purpose of the Pinnacle Awards is to promote better design quality and to encourage the recognition of furniture designers within the retail home furnishings industry.”  To learn more click here.

photo (139)

Our meeting took place at the Conference Center of High Point University.  It was a long day and as a designer that enters other design competitions (not the Pinnacle Award), I found myself being…

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The Deception of William Murphy


I proudly introduce a year-long project by NYC fine artist Jeremy Penn, titled ‘The Deception of William Murphy’.  Intrigued?  So am I.  Read about the inspiration below and be sure to follow Jeremy’s work on his blog and facebook.
The Deception of William Murphy
Revealed at The Artist Project NY
In July of 2010, I received a large stack of original prison mug shots dated between 1897 and 1921. Contained in that stack was a mug shot of a young man named William Murphy. I initially found myself seduced by his gaze and later became entranced with the mystery of his life. As an artist, I am telling William’s story through my exploration of process.

With the help of the Federal Archives in San Bruno, CA, we were able to compile enough data to learn that this image is 1 of only 2 possible William Murphy’s.
One William Murphy died in a knife fight on a train. The other William Murphy sacrificed his own life in war to save the life of others.
Three questions you must ask yourself:
Which William Murphy do you believe this is?
What rational did you use to come up with answer above?
Was William Murphy predestined to be in harms way according to an ancient Japanese principle?
William Murphy Facts:
William Murphy was born in 1893 and was raised by his mother Delia in San Francisco.
At 21, William Murphy was arrested on June 4, 1914 in San Francisco for Pimping.
William Murphy’s booking number was 23826.
William Murphy’s Eyes
William Murphy had light grey eyes and a rare iris to eyeball relationship. The Japanese have a term for this called Sanpaku.

Sanpaku, meaning “three whites” in Japanese (“san”=three, “paku”=white) describes the relation of the iris to the eyeball when a person is looking straight ahead where one can see “three white” parts on the sides and below the iris.

The Japanese theory states that someone with Sanpaku eyes is imbalanced and predestined to danger. 
A list of other people with Sanpaku eyes:
Abraham Lincoln (Assassinated at age 56)
John F. Kennedy (Assassinated at age 46)
Robert F. Kennedy (Assassinated at age 43)
John Lennon (Killed at age 40)
Marilyn Monroe (Died at age 36)
Heath Ledger (Died at age 28)

>Al Dente Collection featured in Concept Projects Magazine



Glad to be published in Turkey’s premiere design magazine, Konsept Projeler (translates to Concept Projects).  Special thanks to Oya Esenli, editor of the publication, for making it happen.  Al Dente is the collection featured, where chromed metal rods are spot welded together in a conplex arrangement.  Almost with the stiffness of uncooked pasta, hence the name.  I wish I could tell you what they said, and I hope they weren’t too harsh 🙂  You can find out more about the magazine here.